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Our school reached the top of Shandong first, rushed into the national comprehensive category fifth!

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On March 30, the 2023 Chinese University Education Competitiveness Ranking was released.Relying on the high quality educational strength, our school ranks first in Shandong Province and fifth in the national comprehensive private colleges and universities!

China Academy of Science and Education Evaluation (CASEE) is an independent key evaluation research institution,Its main purpose is to implement the national strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education, the strategy of innovation-driven development, the construction of "double first-class" and the development strategy of higher education power,In order to meet the needs of "third-party evaluation" and separation of "management, management and evaluation" in various fields and work in the country,University rankings for the 20th year in a row,It has become a "domestic leading and world famous" high-end think tank in the field of science and education and a famous evaluation research key institution。

Since the new campus was completed and put into use in 2019, the development of the university has entered the best period in history, with various constructions in full swing, the educational ecological environment gradually optimized, and the only full-staff college university in East China rising on the land of Qilu。回望2022年,Taishan University of Science and Technology坚持以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,全面贯彻落实党的二十大精神,坚持立德树人根本任务,瞄准盯紧高质量发展体系,做细做实全员书院制改革。Under the care and guidance of the education administration department, the school has made new achievements in all aspects of its work, gained new glory on the journey of development, and many of its work has been in the forefront of the country, and the image of "the only all-staff college university in East China" has been comprehensively consolidated。The school won the fifth place in the national comprehensive category and the first place in Shandong Province, which fully confirms the work results and real education results achieved by the school in recent years, and the school-running strength and school-running level have been widely recognized by all sectors of society。

The comprehensive strength is vigorous and swift, and the good news is frequent。In early November 2022, Fenghuang and other mainstream media launched the "Ten most powerful private universities in the country", the school ranked third in the country and the only one in Shandong。In 2022, the university won the honorary titles of "Comprehensive competitive brand University" and "Shandong Best Social Reputation University"。"Three to the countryside" team was rated as "National excellent team" by the league Central Committee,Relevant teachers and students were awarded as excellent Communist Youth League members and advanced youth volunteer service workers in Shandong Province in the "Two Red and two excellent" commendation,The college system reform team was named "Tai 'an Youth Vanguard Commando",The school was also named "Provincial e-sports University of the Year".。

Education facilities continue to improve, sailing the future。In September 2022, Taike Sports Park officially opened, as the first sports park in domestic universities, the park covers an area of more than 200 acres, planning to set up 6 sports areas, can carry out more than 10 sports projects at the same time, national, provincial and municipal leaders at all levels to visit and give high praise。Our university has become the non-sports university with the largest proportion of sports venues in China and the most comprehensive types of sports venues in China。Two new colleges, Haiyou Academy and Xinyan Academy, have been built to a high standard, and there are more and more places for students to carry out special activities. The construction of the two colleges has fully absorbed the construction experience of the existing colleges of the school, and presented the beauty of Tyke Academy to teachers and students with a new look。In late March 2023, the school's constant temperature natatorium will be put into trial operation, and swimming training classes and related competitions will become one of the students' beautiful memories of Tyco。In addition, the construction of the school's grand theater, giant screen movie theater and other venues is progressing smoothly, and students will meet in the future。

The level of running a school has been significantly improved, and the foundation has gradually become。Since 2022, the university has successfully been selected as a support unit for application-oriented undergraduate university construction in Shandong Province。"Computer Science and Technology" was approved as a first-class undergraduate major in Shandong Province。Four new undergraduate majors were added: Marketing, Visual Communication Design, intelligent Manufacturing Engineering and virtual reality technology.Nine new specialties, including intelligent control technology, electronic information engineering technology, Internet of Things application technology and e-commerce, were added。With the cooperation of multiple departments, ASIIN professional Certification online evaluation meeting was successfully held and achieved a complete success。The school successfully passed the review and demonstration of high-level discipline construction in Shandong Province。2 provincial-level teaching and research reform projects (1 as a key project), 11 provincial-level scientific research projects, 7 municipal scientific research projects (3 of which are key projects), 2 industry-university cooperative education projects of the Ministry of Education in 2022, and 67 school-level education and teaching research reform projects;The teachers have published 85 papers related to teaching,There are 4 core chapters,A significant increase compared to 2021,It shows the vigorous weather of the rapid improvement of the level of the school teacher team。

Characteristic education innovates the navigation and expands the horizon。Vista College draws on the philosophy and model of internationally renowned liberal arts colleges,To cultivate future leaders of the backbone of society as their own responsibility;Taishan Lecture Hall brings together famous scholars at home and abroad,Implement the "Shining Stars" program,Employ top experts and scholars such as academicians of the two houses as part-time professors,Invite famous people, famous teachers and famous people to give lectures in our school,Broaden students' horizons;Chinese and Korean colleges have built a stage to link the world,Enhance students' ability of international communication and quality cultivation,Committed to building the country's largest study in South Korea base;Catamaran Software Elite Industry Academy through the most cutting-edge entrepreneurial immersion training,To cultivate top software development talents with first-class technology and high EQ;The film review center spans space and time,Lead students to appreciate the beauty of the "seventh art";Penglai Science Fiction Academy from science fiction to fantasy,Face the wall with eastern fantasy future;The School of Creative Writing records life with writing,Eulogize The Times with words;The Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Center deeply cultivates Yellow River culture,Focus on Dai Zong inside information,Carry on the fine tradition,Confidence in running culture;The Camp Education Center is the only field camp in the country,Employ outstanding national team and provincial team retired national athletes, national level athletes,Help students to grow and transform in a large number of outdoor extension course experience。

Standing on the new road of historical development, the faculty and students of the university have more firm confidence and a broader vision to forge ahead with the new journey of a century-old university。2023年,学校将继续以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,Under the strong leadership of the competent authorities and the Board of Directors at all levels,踔厉 Work hard and forge ahead bravely,To the full development of students as the core,Create an excellent ecological environment with extraordinary vitality, perfection and everyone's love,Continue to make unremitting efforts to build the most respected characteristic undergraduate university。