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In the 2022-2023 academic year, the story of the award-winning teachers of the Vision Outstanding Teacher Million Award Fund was shown in the fourth episode

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Three inches of chalk, three feet podium is national luck;A sweet heart, a lifetime of candles cast the soul of the people。On the occasion of the 39th Teachers' Day,In order to promote teachers' ethics,Create a good education atmosphere,The Teacher Teaching Development Center launched the special section of the "Vision Outstanding Teacher Million Award Fund" for the 2022-2023 school year,Through simple brushwork, emotional lens,Record their tireless spirit over the past year,Restore their courage to lead the tireless cultivation,Pay tribute to their noble feelings that let students have light in their eyes and have a road under their feet。From now on, through the school's official homepage, official wechat and other campus media platforms, we will continue to report the advanced deeds of 26 outstanding teachers who struggle in the front line of teaching in a special way。

Today I would like to introduce to you the teachers who have won the Vision Outstanding Teacher Million Award Fund for the 2022-2023 school year。

Vision Excellent teacher: Du Wenqi

Associate member of the Communist Party of China, lecturer, master of business school, mainly responsible for teaching marketing, corporate governance, human resource management and other courses。He has won the third prize of the 16th Teachers' Teaching Competition, participated in three provincial projects, participated in three municipal projects, published three scientific research papers, and guided students to win more than ten national and provincial awards in discipline competitions。

Vision Excellent teacher: Sun Hui

Instructor, Film Review Center teacher。He has published 5 papers in provincial journals, presided over a number of provincial young teachers' education and teaching research projects and art research projects, actively participated in teacher skills competition and won the ranking, and won the excellent instructor award in the second "Taishan College Student Film Review Competition"。

"If you want to give students a cup of water, the teacher must have a basin of water", and the requirements for university teachers are even more so。The post-00s generation has grown up with digital technology and network resources, and they are active and receptive. If teachers do not maintain a strong enthusiasm for learning and ensure that knowledge is updated with The Times, they cannot meet the needs of modern teaching。We should be the "leading sheep" of the students, not the "shepherds".。

Excellent teacher: Li Feifei

Member of the Communist Party of China, lecturer, teacher of Marxist Institute。In 2022, he won the Second Prize of Shandong Province's first Ideological and Political Course Teaching Design Competition, the school-level Teaching Excellence Award and the certificate of "Party Member Pioneer Model Post"。Presided over 1 municipal project, 1 school-level teaching reform project, participated in 6 municipal projects, 1 school-level teaching reform project, and published 2 papers。

Rooted in education with the heart of love, do their best to preach and teach to solve doubts, adhere to the "three feet of the podium to educate people" feelings, and strive to "down-to-earth education green" practice。Both to be a "master of scripture", but also to be a "teacher of people", adhere to the original heart, waiting for flowers。

Excellent teacher: Zhang Haiting

Member of the Communist Party of China, lecturer, teacher of Marxist Institute。He has won the school-level teaching excellence Award and the third prize of school-level young teachers teaching competition。Presided over 3 municipal teaching research and reform projects, participated in 4 municipal topics, presided over and participated in 2 school-level teaching reform projects, and published 2 academic papers。

To be a political teacher with strong politics, deep feelings, new thinking, broad vision, strict self-discipline and personality,Always pay attention to the society, focus on the frontier, close to students,With unique personality charm to infect students, encourage students, guide students, influence students,Sow the seeds of truth, goodness and beauty for students' hearts,Guide students to buckle the first button of life。

Vision Excellent teacher: Ge Qin

Master student, now a full-time law teacher of School of Administration, Shandong Taishan Blue Sky Law Firm part-time intern lawyer。In 2022, he won the university-level "Teaching Excellence Award", participated in two municipal projects, one Shandong Province education and teaching reform research project, presided over and participated in two university-level projects, and offered a seminar course。

In teaching work, I will continue to prepare lessons carefully, become more proficient in teaching content, guide students to learn independently and think independently, and combine teaching work with complete education to keep pace with The Times and equip myself with more advanced teaching methods。In the future work, I will continue to work hard to further improve my teaching ability and academic level, so that I can become an excellent people's teacher。

Vision Excellent teacher: Jiang Jian

Probationary member of the Communist Party of China, master's candidate, Director of the Teaching and Research Department of the China-Korea Institute。Presided over 1 school-level education reform project, participated in 2 projects, and participated in 1 provincial education reform project。Published 1 teaching reform paper and 1 academic paper。I am fully aware that education is not only the transfer of knowledge, but also the inspiration of students' inner dreams, the ignition of potential, and the guidance of self-confidence and responsibility。Therefore, I encourage them to develop innovative thinking while focusing on cultivating their teamwork spirit。My belief in education is simple: education can change lives。I will continue to devote myself to education, train more outstanding students, and contribute my modest contribution to the progress and development of society。

Vision Excellent teacher: Zhou Jiawei

CPC member,讲师,Teacher of physical education Department of competitive Sports Center,Responsible for basketball teaching in our school,He graduated from Beijing Sport University,He is now a national first-level basketball referee, and has officiated the first-level league of CUBA University League (Beijing Division) and the first-level League (Shandong Division),Capital University students "Kyoto Nianci 'an" Cup basketball super League。He served as the referee of the 2019 National Junior U16 Track and Field Championship and won the third prize of the fourth College Physical Education Teacher Basic Skills Competition in Shandong Province。As a sports person, with sports spirit, cultivating body, cultivating heart, cultivating morality。

Vision Excellent teacher: Tian Meiqin

Member of the Communist Party of China, lecturer, teacher of Marxist Institute。Won the 2020-2021 school year Vision Million Department Teaching Excellence Award;Excellent Award in the Teaching Competition for Young Teachers (Liberal Arts Group) in 2022, participating in 4 municipal projects;Presided over and participated in 4 university-level projects and published 1 paper。

"To be a teacher all one's life, to learn to be a teacher all one's life" is the pursuit and portrayal of Yu Yi's life。Now this sentence has become my motto, always encouraging me to study hard and work hard。As teachers, we should set up the concept of lifelong learning, and only when our own knowledge reserves are rich enough, can we have enough confidence to pass the correct knowledge and value to students, help students establish the correct three perspectives, and move towards a better life。

Vision Outstanding Teacher: Lu Ye

He is a member of the Communist Party of China, a master's student, a Korean language teacher at the China-Korea College, and a major in Korean Language education at Kyungsang University。Main research interests: Analysis of Korean textbooks, Korean language education。Main courses: Yonsei Korean Basic Korean, Korean intensive reading course。I have been engaged in translation and import and export work。Participated in a university-level project and published a provincial journal teaching research paper。

Education is an important task to train the new generation, which is a long process。People are the starting point of education and the end point of education. The cultivation of talents depends on education. We should look at education comprehensively and systematically so as to realize the harmonious development of individuals and society。