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Good news!6 volunteer service teams of our school were selected as national demonstration teams!

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近日,League Central Youth Volunteer Action Guidance Center and other departments jointly issued an announcement,Led by the school Youth League committee to declare the "Youth courage to Guizhou" spirit of the Zunyi meeting volunteer propaganda group, "Love as fluorine" oral health propaganda group and other 4 teams,Two teams led by the College of Communication Engineering, including the special volunteer service team for community service and the special volunteer service team for Xiaotong Piaopiao culture promotion, were selected into the 2023 National College Students Zunyi Conference spiritual volunteer tour and the 2023 National College students oral health Volunteer tour list respectively。

In order to carry forward the spirit of volunteer service, enrich the content of volunteer service, and expand the scope of volunteer service, the Youth League Committee of our school actively launched, and colleges at all levels actively participated in various special volunteer service activities released by the Youth Volunteer Action Guidance Center of the League Central Committee and carried out project-based polish。The "Youth Courage to Qian" Zunyi Meeting spirit volunteer propaganda group and "Dieti Qian Line" Zunyi meeting spirit volunteer propaganda group plan to focus on various themes,Carry out related activities and define the activity cycle,Lectures for young students of different ages,Let the spirit of Zunyi meeting enter the campus,Integrate into daily life。At the same time, the special volunteer service team for living community service declared by the College of Communication Engineering plans to go into the surrounding villages, communities, and enterprises to carry out the propaganda with the theme of Zunyi Conference, guide the masses to understand and learn the spirit of Zunyi Conference, and use multiple forms to impart knowledge。

同时,To guide young students to master oral health knowledge,Form good oral health habits,The oral health promotion group of "Love as fluorine" and "Freeze smile" oral health promotion group declared by the Youth League Committee of our school plan to carry out the main tasks of different themes,Take young college students as the main body of action,Community residents and school students are the main audience,Help teenagers form good oral health habits,Reduce the incidence of oral diseases in adolescents。The Xiaotong Piaopiao Culture publicity volunteer service team declared by the College of Communication Engineering will play the service function of the resident university,We plan to carry out oral health promotion in schools and surrounding communities and primary schools,For the characteristics of different groups,Use different forms of preaching,In the normal activities carried out,Build an oral health boutique preaching team。

This selection is an affirmation of our school's volunteer service work, and will further promote the development of the school's volunteer service project to the direction of specialization, systematization and diversification。Since 2020, the school has accumulated 13 teams and projects that have been listed as excellent in the national demonstration project (team) evaluation。In the next step, the school will continue to build a unique brand of volunteer service, improve the professionalism and innovation of volunteer service, guide students to think, do something, dare to take responsibility, and be willing to contribute in social service, so that the seeds of volunteer service will blossom and bear fruit in more places。

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