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Taishan · College students Music Festival band interview | to save boredom and start again to complete life

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On October 18, 2023 Taishan · College Students Music Festival [Boredom Rescue Project] kicked off。For 8 consecutive days, 37 super band lineup, well-known band [Anzi and nine younger sister] strong support, rich and diverse supporting activities, more than 100 band members participated, get rid of bondage, depression, bed, and enjoy the release in this music party, 2023 Taishan · College Student Music Festival lit the entire Tyco。

To this end, we went into the backstage of the music festival, contacted the enthusiastic and passionate band members, felt the charm and brilliance of the Taishan · College Students Music Festival from the perspective of participants and performers, and listened to the story of the band。

Have love, dare youth

Bio Biao Biao Adventure from Peking University stands out among the band names。Xiuyi, a member of the band, said: "' Puma Puma 'is a big dog that has a hard time surviving in Beijing, but always has an optimistic outlook on life。Music is an indispensable spiritual pillar for us, and we want to take a brave risk like 'Puma Puma', just like we are doing at this moment。”

When it comes to the feeling of coming to Tyco, they use the word "spring" to express it, coming to the campus is like coming to spring: the college system university is scattered, the scenery is full, a vitality, especially beautiful。Inexplicable poke in the heart hidden in that soft place。

After two encounters with Tyco during the student period, and returning to Tyco again after graduation, the guitarist small Tyrant uses "searching for roots" to express his love for music, his unchanging insistence on his original heart and his dedication to his dream。

Have attitude, dare to try

"Looking for a variety of styles in the unknown。This is the motto of 404 Band from Shanxi Jinzhong College of Information。"I think variety is the most interesting thing。"Captain Wang Haiwei said so。"The members of the band have unlimited imagination for music, do NOT adhere to the minority perspective, and different from the public's ideas, 404 NOT FOUND indicates the unknown.。”

"Ning Xiaoyu, a member of the band, said in an interview after the performance,Able to attend the Tyco music festival and successfully perform,It's a big milestone for them,Thanks to the platform and learning opportunities provided by the school,To make them a new self,At the same time, there is a different feeling: "Love never has boundaries.,Whether it's in school or music,Just stick to yourself,Don't let the opinions of others influence your decisions。”

Have a stage, dare to dream

The most prominent student band is the flat band。A year later, their arrival once again lit up the audience。Years ago, five young people with the same musical ideals hit it off and formed this band at Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and from this moment on, the wheels of fate began to turn。

From the early days to the current smooth performance, they still maintain that love for music and take every performance seriously。Suh Won-ho, the lead singer, said they would often rehearse for a single bar until late at night, forgetting to eat and sleep。I practice so hard to be worthy of the audience, worthy of myself, and worthy of the "food and clothing parents" who come to see the performance.。

Although the Pingren Band has participated in many different types of performances in these years, it still attaches great importance to the Taishan · College Student Music Festival。After a year to return to Taishan · College students Music Festival, they feel very happy, but also feeling a lot。Happy time is always short, I hope you can forget the trouble in the music, feel happy, look forward to next year。

Have a vision, dare the future

"I do not see the boat, but I cross the mountains."。With such a beautiful meaning of "Wanchongshan" band is a student band from Shandong Agricultural University, although they are a little immature, but it is not difficult to feel the heat from the youth in their music。

Why "Wanchongshan" is the name of the band?Shuai Shuai, the lead singer, blurts out: "The boat has passed thousands of mountains, and the road ahead is long and bright."。The band's final song, "If, I Say If," hummed a ballad that pieced together memories that had been sealed, as if time and space were truly rewound to a moment。Band members say that there are always beautiful mistakes during the band's performances, but nothing that a hot pot chicken can't solve。

Flow, collide, harmonize, flee, roar, vibrate。For the Taishan College Music Festival, they said it was a new experience, as a college band rarely have such an opportunity to enjoy the stage, whether it is the novel form of Tyco College or the beauty of Tyco campus are deeply moved by them。

In the scene of Taishan · College students Music Festival, each band is full of youth and vitality, and the university bands compete on the same stage, showing the perfect stage performance, and inspiring the infinite enthusiasm in the heart of every Tyke er。

I hope that 2023 Taishan · College students Music Festival can enrich everyone's after-school life, relieve fatigue, save boredom and start again, go to a complete life, feel more wonderful and romantic。

Contributed by the college press corps