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Brainstorming and "preparing" -- The Teaching and Research Department of the Outline of Chinese Modern and Modern History of the Institute of Marxism held a collective lesson preparation meeting

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In order to further improve the quality of teaching and create a strong atmosphere of teaching and research, the Teaching and Research Department of the Outline of Chinese Modern and Modern History of the School of Marxism held a collective lesson preparation meeting at J3-211 on October 11。All the teachers of the teaching and Research Department attended the meeting, chaired by Professor Li Houyin。

This lesson preparation meeting,Tian Meiqin teacher from the selection of "three great ideological and political lessons" article content perspective,It is believed that the selected articles should closely focus on the overall work of the Party and the country,Actively publicize and implement the Party's line, principles and policies,Reflect the aspirations and demands of the people,Reflects the thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era,Spread positive energy,Carry forward the main theme。

Starting from the students, teacher Li Feifei pointed out that we should adhere to the basic principles of "close to reality, close to life, close to the masses", and the selected "three big ideological and political lessons" articles should be able to trigger students' interest in learning, so that students can experience the charm of knowledge in reading, and stimulate students' desire for knowledge。According to the characteristics of the students taught, teachers should select articles suitable for them, so that they can know the world and explore the unknown tools。

From the perspective of teachers' ability, teacher Zhang Haiting believes that it is also necessary to be hard. Ideological and political teachers must first study the articles systematically, so that they can further perform ideological and political lessons well in specific teaching practice, and also can continuously enhance their own integration consciousness in the process of integrating specific text study into teaching。

In response to the selection of the content of the "Three Great Ideological and political courses", teacher Zhao Jianhui added that the selected articles must also closely follow the pulse of The Times, reflect the social hot spots, reflect the spirit of The Times, and have distinct characteristics of The Times。At the same time, the views and contents of the article must be based on the present, facing the future, and have strong realistic pertinence and guidance。

Finally, Professor Li Houyin made a summary speech and put forward opinions and suggestions to the young teachers in the Teaching and Research section of the Outline of Modern and contemporary history。Teachers have expressed that they will devote themselves to the teaching work in the new semester with full spirit and go all out to complete the teaching work。

Away from the summer clouds, curling cool wind。In the new semester, a new starting point, the teachers in this lesson preparation meeting had an in-depth exchange of teaching theory and practice. In the process of participating in the exploration of quality teaching and effective teaching laws, the teachers learned from each other and jointly improved, realized the sharing of resources, wisdom and experience, and created a good learning atmosphere in the teaching and research office。At the same time, the discussion of "how to organically integrate articles into ideological and political lessons" helps to improve the level of education and teaching, and provides an important guarantee for a good ideological and political lesson in the new semester。

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