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[College of Art and Media] Sleep you to see the second: Strange room ideas

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To enrich the campus cultural activities,Create a better living space,Further optimize the living environment of our students,Create a good dormitory culture atmosphere,Give full play to the strengths of the students,Carry forward the spirit of "solidarity, friendship, mutual help",To provide students with more creative space,On October 13, 2023, the College of Arts and Media held the Sleeping You Come to See Phase 2: Strange Room Ideas activity,Show the dormitory decorated by each student!

Dormitory is a place that fully embodies personality. In the eyes of students, it is not only a place to stay, but also a place to retain the wonderful moments of college。In this activity, each student fully demonstrated their hands-on ability, optimized the dormitory environment, but also invisibly tempered the team spirit in the dormitory, and cultivated the students' love and seriousness of life。

With clean floors, standardized articles and distinctive dormitory decoration, the students who participated in the activities showed us a warm, comfortable and distinctive dormitory。The warm cabin is permeated with their exclusive youth atmosphere, highlighting the cohesion between dormitory members, but also let us feel the harmonious and loving dormitory atmosphere。

Finally, through the active participation of the students, in the process of decorating the dormitory, they constantly explore and express different opinions and mutual tolerance to form a unique dormitory, reflecting the dormitory culture among them。This activity promoted the development of students' team spirit and school dormitory culture, and created a good dormitory environment。(Contribution: College of Art and Media Writing: Li Wenkang Photography: Zhang Yu)