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【京葡萄官网(集团)管理有限公司】 The 13th dormitory visit Action of Intelligent Engineering College

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In order to further strengthen the construction of campus civilization and student management, promote the in-depth development of quality education of the Intelligent Engineering College, improve the cultural taste of the dormitory, and create a positive, safe and harmonious dormitory cultural atmosphere, the dormitory management Department of the Youth League Branch and the Student Union of the Intelligent Engineering College is in charge20231018The students' dormitories were inspected for safety and hygiene on Sunday evening。

Before the inspection, I had an in-depth communication with the instructor and had a certain understanding of the students' lives。I visited Boon Yang College this weekA号楼2楼、5楼、6Building, Dongyue AcademyB号楼1楼等20dormitory。The specific inspection conditions are as follows:

According to the inspection results, the evaluation is as follows:

1st place: Boon Yang CollegeA号楼214Wenyang AcademyB号楼403Wenyang AcademyA号楼419

Second place: Boon Yang CollegeA号楼420Wenyang AcademyA号楼532Wenyang AcademyA号楼515

Third place: Boon Yang CollegeA号楼212Wenyang AcademyA号楼522Wenyang AcademyA号楼523

After evaluation, most of the dormitories can maintain good dormitory hygiene, the floor of these dormitories are very clean, and some of the dormitories have been properly decorated, very warm。However, there are still some dormitory beds are not tidy, the items on the table are messy, the floor slippers are chaotic, and the bathroom floor is dirty and messy。For these dormitories, the officers of the dormitory management Department promptly reminded the students to clean and pay attention to the hygiene of the dormitory。

Dormitory is not only a place for students to live and study, but also a place for roommates to thrive and grow, and a stable backing for four years of college study and life.There are rice in the dormitory, there are laughter, there are homesickness, staying in the small "home" is a kind of happiness。The clean environment and harmonious atmosphere of dormitory require the joint efforts of each dormitory member。In order to create a good dormitory environment, the dormitory management department will carry out a dormitory health competition every week, which has a positive role in promoting students to develop good dormitory health habits。

Written by Zhang Wanlong Li Shimeng

摄影: Zuo Haochen Li Shimeng

供稿:College of intelligent Engineering