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【京葡萄官网(集团)管理有限公司】 College of Communication Engineering held a series of activities on the theme of "Striving for a smoke-free School and Purifying a beautiful Campus"

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As we all know, tobacco can cause, aggravate a variety of diseases, and even death, has become one of the global public health problems that seriously affect public health。In order to create a civilized and clean campus environment and improve the quality of life of students, the College of Communication Engineering carried out a series of activities on the theme of "Striving for a smoke-free school and purifying a beautiful campus" from October 13 to 19。

First, theme class meeting"禁烟

The slogan "smoking is harmful to health" is already familiar to the heart, but a few students can do no smoking?Only by allowing students to understand the harm of smoking, can they better carry out anti-smoking activities。"Talking" means educating students about smoking bans。Since October, counselors and teachers of the college have organized a class meeting on the theme of smoking ban activities, emphasizing the purpose and requirements of school smoking ban work, leading students to learn tobacco knowledge and understand the dangers of smoking, and calling on students to join the ranks of smoking ban work。The teachers explained the dangers of smoking in detail in the class meeting, and analyzed the data to guide the students to pay attention to the dangers of smoking。From the pathogenicity, transmission, pollution of smoking, let the students cherish life, away from cigarettes, and jointly maintain a good campus environment。

At the same time, the college Youth League Branch and Student Union Research Department held the third "Smoke, smoke-free campus" anti-smoking propaganda activity, under the guidance of instructor Yu Zifang, carried out the third lesson of "anti-smoking education"。In the anti-smoking activities, the students further realized the harm of smoking to health, and said that the harvest was fruitful, and the scene was full of positive activity atmosphere。

Second, visit the dormitory "check"禁烟

A civilized and clean campus,It is inseparable from the common maintenance of every student,The smoking situation still needs to be improved,Smoking does not only affect one's physical health,And "second-hand smoke" can also affect the physical and mental health of others,To this phenomenon,The College implements a "search" strategy,The Research Department of the Student Union conducted a survey of the toilets and corridors in the dormitories and recess,The smoking phenomenon has been criticized and educated。

Iii. Questionnaire Survey禁烟

In order to better supervise the situation of students smoking and implement the strategy of "supervising", the research Department of the Student Union launched a questionnaire survey on smoking to the majority of students。After understanding the smoking situation of students and mastering the specific situation of students, it is more conducive to carry out follow-up anti-smoking activities。

4. Sign the promise "keep"禁烟

The campus is always billowing smoke, in response to this phenomenon, the members of the research department of the Student Union made a no-smoking pledge, and let every member present sign it to implement the "Shou" word strategy。

With the start of the smoking ban this month,Let the students fully realize the harm of smoking,It is conducive to the formation of long-term mechanism of smoking control on campus,To create a clean and healthy learning, working and living environment,It is of practical significance to improve each student's understanding of the harm of smoking and good civilization,同时,Create a smoke-free, clean and good campus atmosphere,It has contributed to the construction of campus culture。

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