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[College of Art and Media] Study style Construction activity No. 9: Muttering words, bearing in mind

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From October 18, 2023 to October 22, 2023, the English word recitation activities of "Muttering words, bearing in mind" organized by the College of Art and Media were carried out smoothly。The participants will recite 10N (multiple of 10, N shall not be less than 2) English words per day, and send the screenshot of the number of daily punched words to the punched group。To show the good learning atmosphere and learning enthusiasm of Tyco students, improve their English vocabulary and improve their overall English level, and lay a solid foundation for future students' English learning。

After signing up, the participants enter the activity punch card group created by the College of Art and Media, which means that the activity officially begins。The program fully reflects the characteristics of student service, mainly including four sections: the number of familiar words, the number of known words, the number of vague words, the number of forgotten words。This kind of statistical method at a glance makes the students clearly understand how their learning results are, so that the students can participate in the various aspects of English word recitation and punching in a more positive learning attitude。

In the punching card group, the method of real-time reminder is adopted to remind participants to issue daily punching screen shots in a timely manner. This method not only reflects the serious responsibility of the Art media College for the activity, but also achieves the effect of comparison and competition among participants。At the same time, there are also mysterious prizes that arouse the participants' interest in competition: the persistence prize and the transformation prize, which can be won as long as the card accumulates to a certain number of days。

Although the activity of reciting English words has come to an end, the successful development of this activity will inevitably have a positive impact on the future study of the students of the school。The successful holding and completion of this event not only reflects the focus and efforts of the College of Art and Media on the construction of the style of study, but also reflects the love of art communication students for learning。We look forward to more similar activities in the future, to continue to promote the School of Arts and Media learning style building projects and the overall development of students。

Contribution: College of Art and Media

Written by: Guo Chuanyi

摄影:Zhang Jianing