Taishan University of Science and Technology

      Founded in 2004, it is a full-time general undergraduate university approved by the Ministry of Education. It is an applied university featuring information technology and interdisciplinary integration of engineering, management, economics, law and liberal arts。The university is located in Tai 'an, Shandong Province, the birthplace of Chinese civilization and a national historical and cultural city. It is located at the foot of Taishan, the first mountain in the world, with profound cultural heritage, outstanding geographical advantages and a network of transportation。The number of students is nearly 1.5万人。The school has a modern academy surrounded by ancient academies, a high-level library, first-class experimental facilities, advanced leadership training base, etc., which is a good place to study and learn。

- Model university for entrepreneurship and employment in 2020

- Model university for ideological and political construction in 2020

- Sina Weibo China's most beautiful campus

- The best social reputation university in Shandong

- Shandong Red Flag Youth League Committee

Strong school strategy
The school vigorously implements the strategy of strengthening the school with talents, and gradually establishes a team of teachers with high teaching level, good overall quality and reasonable structure。It has 1 national coal system teaching teacher, 2 provincial teaching teachers, 2 provincial teaching teams, and 11 teachers have won awards in the provincial teaching basic skills competition and micro-lesson competition。The school also opened the "Taishan Lecture Hall",Implement the Star-Studded program,Employ top experts and scholars such as academicians of the two houses as part-time professors,National elite athletes, high-level art teachers, writers, and well-known economists are hired to teach full-time at the school,Invite famous people, famous teachers and famous people to give lectures in our school,Broaden the horizons of teachers and students。
Achievement honor
Focusing on the national strategy and the demand for applied talents in economic and social development, the University has explored the establishment of a dynamic adjustment mechanism for disciplines, types, levels and regional layouts, promoted the cross-integration of disciplines and specialties, accelerated the construction of new engineering projects, strived to improve the quality of personnel training, and vigorously advocated applied technology research。The school has 1 provincial experimental teaching demonstration center, 3 provincial undergraduate specialties, 29 provincial excellent courses, 2 provincial first-class courses, and 4 provincial teaching achievement awards。In recent years, students have won a total of 330 national awards, including 34 first prizes, 279 provincial awards, including 48 first prizes。The employment rate and employment quality of graduates have gradually improved, with the employment rate remaining above 95% and the entrance examination rate averaging around 11%, ranking among the top of similar universities in the country。
International perspective

The school actively promotes the process of internationalization,To carry out international educational and cultural exchanges and cooperation,It has established strategic cooperative relations with Columbia University, University of California Berkeley, North Hesse University of Applied Technology in Germany, Essen University of Applied Technology in Economics and Management in Germany and other internationally renowned universities,Every year, outstanding students are selected for short-term study abroad programs,Except for transportation costs,All expenses are paid by the school,A wide range of international educational resources are provided for students,Cultivate applied talents with international vision。

School philosophy
The school fully implements the Party's educational policy,Adhere to the socialist direction of running schools,To carry out the fundamental task of moral cultivation,Always put the quality of personnel training in the first place,Carry forward the school motto of "learning, teaching, entrepreneurship and creation",Follow the school philosophy of students' full development as the center,The orientation of information Industry Business School is determined,We will implement the reform of the all-staff college system,We have established three teams of tutors: growth tutor, development tutor and life tutor,A one-stop student community comprehensive education system has been established,Through the "four-in-one dual-hospital system" training mode,Cultivate management talents of information industry,We have embarked on a path of development with distinctive characteristics,It is committed to becoming the most respected characteristic undergraduate university in China。